This page lists the most recent publications of the Performance Evaluation Group on Performance Analysis on Parallel Programs.

  • K. Ferschweiler, S. Harrah, D. Keon, M. Calzarossa, D. Tessera and C. Pancake. The Tracefile Testbed: A Community Repository for Identifying and Retrieving HPC Performance Data. Int. Journal of High Performance Computing and Networking, vol. 3 (2/3), pages 95-102, 2005. [pdf 531 Kbytes]
  • M. Calzarossa, L. Massari and D. Tessera. A Methodology Towards Automatic Performance Analysis of Parallel Applications. Parallel Computing, vol. 30, n. 2, pp. 213-225, 2004. [pdf 188 Kbytes]
  • M. Calzarossa, L. Massari and D. Tessera. Load Imbalance in Parallel Programs. In V. Malyshkin Editor, Parallel Computing Technologies, volume 2763 of Lecture Note in Computer Science, Springer, pages 197-206, 2003. [pdf 220 Kbytes]
  • D. Tessera. Performance Analysis of an IBM Supercluster. In Proc. 11th EuroMicro Workshop on Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Processing, pages 417-424, IEEE Press, 2003. [pdf 253 Kbytes]
  • A. Dubey and D. Tessera. Redistribution Strategies for Portable Parallel FFT: A Case Study. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience. 13(3):209-220, 2001. [pdf 298 Kbytes]

Past publications